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The focus of our learning is on exponential progress, emerging technologies and how all this progress can ultimately be used to solve the world’s pressing global problems.

Singularity education starts at the preschool πŸ˜€

The longest project that affects the most people is putting their kids through the school system. That is like 12 years plus … What concerns me more is how much we have zero idea of what the world will look like when these kids graduate. Are we sure we are teaching them the right skills?

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An Introductory Course to Exponential Progress, Emerging Technologies and Their Application

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<aside> <img src="/icons/report_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/report_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> Warmer Sun has new kind of online learning experiences. The solutions are built on two technologies: OpenAI’s best large language model (LLM) as the underlying AI and Wolfram to provide computation and curated data sets.



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